Farmhouse Outdoor Glider Bench

Farmhouse Outdoor Glider Bench

Hi there!!!

I teamed up with Kreg’s DIY site to bring you a Mother’s Day build. You can check out the full plans on there site here.┬áThis was a fun and easy build with minimal tools. It took me one afternoon to build the bench. Then one other afternoon to paint the bench.

Here are some progress photos of the build.

First cut all your pieces. I recommend sanding everything first. It makes it easier when finishing.


Then Drill your pocket holes with your Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Jig. I have the K4 model.


Then using my Kreg Jig clamps to hold everything together, I built the sides of the bench.

img_0968 img_0970

Here is one side. Make sure the pocket holes are on the inside.


Then attach the bench bracing.


Now add your slats. I spaced them about 5/8″ apart. I just used a scrap piece of wood to ensure the same spacing between each board.


Here is a look from the bottom of the bench.


Now add the seat bracing.


Then I built the back rest. This is where you can change the design if you don’t like the rustic X.


Attach at an angle so that when you are sitting on the bench you can lean back a little bit.


I forgot to take a picture of the arm rests on before I painted it. I just attached them with 2″ Wood Screws.


Next build the base.


Then this was the tricky part. Figuring out where to put the glider brackets. See plans for full details of where these need to be placed.

img_0985 img_1002 img_1004 img_1005

I painted my bench with exterior paint by Behr in Pure White.

img_1016 img_1019 cover

Now get out there and build this glider for that special person in your life. This one will be going to my Mom for Mother’s Day.


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